Why Did Tom Colicchio Eliminate Entrees at His Restaurant?

Why Did Tom Colicchio Eliminate Entrees at His Restaurant?

The 'Top Chef' judge breaks down the changes he's making at Colicchio & Sons.

By Jocelyn Vena

Diners at Tom Colicchio's famed NYC eatery Colicchio & Sons might notice something different about the food. Instead of a robust menu filled with a selection of appetizers, entrees and desserts, the Top Chef judge has decided to try something new.

In an interview with New York Eater, Tom reveals he's unveiled a new menu filled with mid-sized plates that are priced lower, now at $14-$32. This means that not only have the portions scaled down, but so have the prices.

"High-quality protein is crazy expensive these days. If you want to buy a high-quality product and if you want to keep the prices down, something's gotta give," he explained about the decision.

With a change in cost comes a change in what foodies will see on the plate. The restaurant will now serve proteins on a smaller scale as well, but he noted that the restaurant's approach to the food will "stay the same."

"When you put an eight-ounce protein out there, sometimes it gets left behind...If you're a conscious eater, and you know that 30 percent of our food is wasted, after a while, you ask how you stop that," he said. "One way is smaller portions where people finish everything. And if they're still hungry, they have a third plate, instead a 12-ounce pork chop."

In fact, the restaurant's new menu actually reflects how Tom and his wife dine out—and the way younger Americans are eating.

"I don't order entrees anymore when I go out," he said. "My wife and I will get five appetizers between us. I thought, I don't eat this way anymore, why am I still doing it? People's tastes are changing. It's a younger clientele coming out now. Whether it's from food programming on TV, whatever it is, they want to come in and try many different things."

[Source: New York Eater]



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