Why Giuliana Rancic Prefers LeAnn to Brandi

Why Giuliana Rancic Prefers LeAnn to Brandi

The E! News host says the public doesn't know the full story.

By Chelsea Brady

Giuliana Rancic and her hubby Bill Rancic are one of Hollywood's hottest (and happiest) couples and know what it takes to make a marriage work, but Andy Cohen asked the E! News host to weigh in on an infamous love triangle on last night's Watch What Happens Live.

Many viewers demanded to know why Guiliana "is such a bitch to Brandi Glanville and a kiss-ass to homewrecker LeAnn Rimes." Has Rancic chosen sides in the battle over Eddie Cibrian? Her short answer: "Yes!"

"Before I really knew LeAnn, I interviewed LeAnn. I think there's more to the Eddie/Brandi story than maybe we all know. So I don't think we should be so quick to judge that whole situation," Rancic says. "A lot happens behind closed doors. It's like, who knows what was really going on in the marriage, you know what I mean?"

And aside from that, Giuliana said she didn't appreciate comments Brandi made about the fact that the Rancics were pregnant via a surrogate in response to a Glanville slam on Fashion Police.

"I thought, here's the thing: say what you want to me, don't ever bring my baby into that. Ever," Rancic says. "I love Beverly Hills, and I love all the Housewives, but I will cut Brandi if she talks about my baby again."

Watch Giuliana explain why she sides with LeAnn Rimes over Brandi Glanville and tell us in the comments: was Brandi wrong to bring up the Rancics' baby?

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