Why Reza Farahan’s Mustache is Pissed

Why Reza Farahan’s Mustache is Pissed

Get to know the 'Shahs' hairy little friend.

By Lauren Metz

Make room, Giggy, you have company in the chic sidekick category.

"He likes to be called Little Reza. He gets pissed if people don't acknowledge that he's part of the tribe," Shahs of Sunset's Reza Farahan tells The Los Angeles Times about his mustache. Yes, Little Reza is one badass stache.

Naturally, LR's, err, growing quite the fan base. "Almost to a 1,000 followers!! I am so happy that everyone loves the 'stache!" @Rezas_Mustache tweeted. That's right; he's on Twitter. "I think it's hilarious that my mustache has its own page. And then there's the sinister side of me that thinks, 'Well, it's about time.' I mean, if I'm going to be honest, I just have to put that out there," the real Reza continues revealing to the paper.

And good news: Reza explains that although he's a manscaping "chameleon," there are no plans to send Little Reza down the drain. Phew.

"The mustache is going on two years now. I've been very much a chameleon when it comes to facial hair. I've rocked a goatee, I've rocked a beard. I was just getting really attached to my mustache -- we developed a fondness for one another and I felt bad about the possibility of getting rid of him so he just kind of stuck," the larger-than-life Persian says. "He and I have formed this lasting bond that seems to be going really strong right now."

And we agree it works on him (you can see pics of his previous facial hair, here) -- so much so that we know you might want a Little Reza of your own. We've provided you with your own printable mustache, so try it out and see if you make it onto his mustache's Tumblr (his facial hair is quite the social media magnate).

Want more? Keep up with Reza -– and Little Reza! -- using our Tweet Tracker.

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