Will Zachary Quinto Be Spock Again?

Will Zachary Quinto Be Spock Again?

The actor reveals he's ready and willing on Watch What Happens Live.

By Chelsea Brady


It's not easy to step into one of the most beloved (and most nerdy) roles of all time, but everyone agrees actor Zachary Quinto did a masterful job portraying Spock in 2009's Star Trek and its 2013 follow-up, Star Trek Into Darkness. Yet there was a lot more of the original Star Trek than just two movies, so on last night's Watch What Happens Live after show, a call-in viewer had a fair question: When can we expect Quinto to be Spock again?

"When they call me I will go to work," Quinto jokes, adding that he currently has "so many plans" but "until they call me, very few of them involve going back to that."

Still, Quinto is confident he'll don the most famous ears in movie history again. "I know we will [return to the movies]," he says. "It was four years between the first and the second one, so…." So, we'll wait!

Watch Zachary Quinto answer questions about doing a third Star Trek film and tell us in the comments: was Quinto as good a Spock as original star Leonard Nimoy?

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