10 Outrageous Yachts You Won't Believe Exist In Real Life

10 Outrageous Yachts You Won't Believe Exist In Real Life

#BelowDeck's Eros isn't the only boat to put the "super" in superyacht. 

By Laura Rosenfeld

Over the course of three seasons, we've seen the Below Deck crew fulfill some pretty wild requests while on charter. This season alone, they have put together a toga party worthy of the Greek gods, arranged for some Don Julio tequila to arrive by boat, and booked Aerosmith to entertain the charter guests. Sorry, Eros-smith.

When people are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars a week — maybe even millions — to charter a boat, they expect to have a truly memorable experience. If you've got cash to burn, you'll find several sophisticated and state-of-the-art ships just waiting to be taken out for a spin. However, it's yachts like these that give new meaning to the word "luxury" and are the ones you'll never forget.

1. Octopus


Not only is Octopus famous for having some of the most ridiculous features on a yacht ever, but it's also famous for having a famous owner. That would be Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen, who is worth an estimated $17.5 billion, making him the 51st richest person in the world, according to Forbes.

With that kind of money, you would think that Allen likes to live large, and you'd be right. Octopus has a glass-bottom pool, a recording studio, and a submarine onboard. With all of that going on, it's no wonder that Octopus has attracted A-list celebrities to its parties since it was officially launched in 2003. For instance, Leonardo DiCaprio, Amy Poehler, and Adriana Lima were all reported to have attended Allen's Bollywood-themed bash on the boat during this year's Cannes International Film Festival. Best. Party. Ever.

2. Adastra


The superyacht Adastra looks like something out of a sci-fi movie. In fact, it could actually represent the future of yachting. That's because Adastra, which owner Hong Kong shipping magnate Anto Marden takes out for a spin around Southeast Asia, exemplifies the idea that you don't have to sacrifice design in order to be environmentally friendly. Adastra not only achieves high speeds but is also fuel efficient with the ability to travel nearly halfway around the world without having to refuel.

The exterior of Adastra isn't the only thing that makes this superyacht special. The vessel has wraparound windows in its saloon that make for a futuristic way to see the gorgeous views from the boat, as described by Boat International. The décor is light, sleek, and modern. With massive amounts of sunshine pouring into Adastra at all times, it seems like it'd be hard to not have a smile on your face while aboard this boat. 

3. Al Saïd

It's no surprise that Sultan Qaboos bin Sa'id Al Saïd of Oman has owned Al Saïd since 2008, because if there were ever a yacht that's fit for royalty, it's this one. At more than 508 feet long, Al Saïd is the fourth largest yacht in the world, according to Yachts International.

So what does Al Saïd fit into all that space? Oh, you know, just a concert hall said to be able to fit a 50-piece orchestra, a movie theater, and a helipad so you can have the grandest arrival and exit ever. Al Saïd can also accommodate a reported 65 guests as well as 150 crewmembers. NBD.

4. Eclipse


Even if a yacht is out in the middle of the ocean, the paparazzi still somehow manages to snap pics of celebs while they're just trying to catch some R&R. But this perennial celebrity adversary is no match for Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich's 557-foot yacht Eclipse. 

That's because this second largest boat in the world apparently has an anti-paparazzi "shield" equipped with lasers that sweep the surroundings and fire a beam of light when it detects a camera to destroy any photos taken. Don't worry, though. These lasers can be switched on and off so that guests can still take pics without any problem. Your selfies are safe. Phew.

5. Guilty


The only thing this yacht is Guilty of is looking like the most stylish ship ever, inside and out. But when American artist Jeff Koons, who is best known for his giant stainless-steel sculptures that resemble balloon animals, is put in charge of designing your yacht, that's to be expected.

The yacht's exterior, inspired by British naval camouflage from World War I, makes the vessel look like a giant piece of pop art with a patchwork of yellows, blues, and blacks. Inside, the 115-foot ship gets even more lavish with colorful, mid-century modern furniture, huge windows, and pieces of contemporary art everywhere, which is unsurprising considering the fact that Guilty is owned by famous Greek art collector Dakis Joannou. If Joannou's goal was to make a statement, mission accomplished.

6. La Belle

As you've probably noticed by now, a lot of yachts are owned by dudes. But that doesn't mean ladies don't love life on the high seas just as much. Luxury designer Lidia Bersani wants you to know that she hears you loud and clear, sisters.

In February, Bersani unveiled her concept design for what she has said is "the first luxury mega yacht designed for a lady." The aptly titled La Belle, or "beautiful" in French, is a nearly 263-foot yacht with an elegant white and ivory color scheme dripping in gold. The 12 guests on board could take advantage of such amenities as a spa with a sauna, hammam, and "snow room" — which is exactly what it sounds like — a beauty center, and a library with a fireplace. Unfortunately, La Belle still seems to be in the concept design phase, so this dream boat will have to stay in your dreams for now.

7. Dubai


The city of Dubai is known for luxury, and the yacht that bears its name lives up to that reputation. But this yacht kind of had no choice since it's owned by the government of Dubai and serves as the royal yacht of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al-Maktoum of Dubai, the vice president and prime minister of the United Arab Emirates.

At around 532-feet long, Dubai is the third-largest boat in the world, according to Yachts International, and it is simply breathtaking on the outside. With a whimsical light-up winding staircase, a nightclub, and even a landing platform for a Blackhawk helicopter, Dubai truly is like a floating city.

8. Sailing Yacht A

When you think of a sailboat, it doesn't usually seem like the type of ride meant for the rich and famous. However, sailing yachts can be just as extravagant as any other type of boat on the ocean. That starts and ends with a ship simply titled Sailing Yacht A.

Owned by Russian billionaire Andrey Melnichenko, Sailing Yacht A is said to be the largest sailing yacht in the world with a length of 468 feet, and it recently took its maiden voyage in Germany. With its minimalist and modern design, this stark-white structure looks more like a floating monument than a sailing yacht.

When it's complete, Sailing Yacht A will not only be a record-breaking boat, but it will also be quite the overachiever in other areas. Its masts are reportedly the largest freestanding rigs in the world, it will have eight decks covered in lovely teak paneling, and, of course, no self-respecting yacht is complete without a helipad onboard. It sure sounds like this sailing yacht should actually be named A+.

9. Okto


If you ever want a naughty-cal experience on the high seas, you might want to look into Okto. With its black-and-white exterior and red accents, Okto looks like it was made for a James Bond villain to cruise around in while trying to take over the world.

Though Okto's exterior may seem intimidating to some, once you get into the inside of this yacht, it looks pretty sweet. The black-and-white color scheme runs throughout the ship, giving the boat the sophistication of a black-tie dinner. There are also so many amenities that guests can operate with the push of a button, from an elevator to the multi-color pool lights to a retractable balcony. Who knew it could feel this good to look so bad?

10. Solandge


Solandge not only seems to be one of the fanciest yachts out there today but also one of the most accessible. Well, if you have €1 million (about $1.12 million) to charter this ship for a week, that is. 

If you want more of a traditional yet still opulent yachting experience, Solandge should float your boat. It comes equipped with all of the amenities you expect from a modern yacht, including a beach club, cinema, and gym. However, the classical furniture, gold-leaf details, and stunning chandelier found in the dining salon are like something straight out of Versailles. Let them eat cake,

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