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You Tell Us: Did Kim Zolciak's Mom Deserve to Get Kicked Out of Wedding?

All day long, the mama drama built and got to be too much for Kim and Kroy.

By Mike Hess

Weddings can bring out both the best and the worst in people. Kim Zolciak saw both of those traits during her big Don't Be Tardy for the Wedding special last night, that documented her big walk down the aisle to become Mrs. Kroy Biermann. And while some brides have to deal with snarky bridesmaids or uncooperative cousins, it was Kim's mom who stirred the pot -- enough so to have her forcibly removed by security, resulting in some of the biggest wedding mama drama we've ever seen.

The flames were fanned all season long, with Kim growing frustrated with her mother along the way to the big wedding day, but when she demanded to wear one of Kim's pairs of shoes prior to the ceremony, you could tell it lit a fuse in Kim. Then, post-nuptials, Kim's mom and aunt refused to use the $5,000 porta-potty that Kim had rented for the occasion, instead wanting to use a bathroom inside the house -- which was strictly off-limits to all guests ... even the mother of the bride.

Kim Kicks Her Mom Out

That didn't go over very well, and the mom and sis forcibly snuck their way into the house to relieve themselves. And it just so happens they used the bathroom in Kim's bedroom, where her son KJ was sleeping peacefully. When confronted by Kroy, he got a big old "f--- you" -- literally -- during his own wedding party. That was the final straw, causing the newlyweds to have security remove the duo from the party.

Kim even took to Twitter during the show on Thursday night, explaining: "I was so upset at my mom drama allll day long it just got to be too much! I spent hours dealing with the drama!"

Kim and Kroy acted in the moment, but we want to know from you: Was it the right move, or was it not that big of a deal and Kim & Kroy should have just moved on and let them stay? Tell us below!
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