Zoila Crowns a Winner

Zoila Crowns a Winner

Flipping Out's unstoppable housekeeper hands out Zoila Award.

By Kia Wood


Mazel, Jan Maxfield... You are Zoila-worthy. The Costa Mesa, California housekeeper was handpicked by Flipping Out's Zoila Chavez herself as the recipient of The Orange County Register's very first Zoila Award. As we mentioned last week, OC Register columnist Yvette Cabrera was so moved by Zoila's hard work, dedication, and seemingly unending supply of patience that she launched the first ever Zoila Award, Yvette put out the call for hard working heroes, and our often flipped upon housekeeper handpicked the winner.

Zoila told the OC Register that it wasn't an easy call, but that she was immediately drawn to Jan, whose daughter nominated her for the award. Many of Jan's clients are elderly and away from their families -- she not only helps them keep house, but she is also a friend to them. In addition to her housekeeping work Jan also cares for her elderly parents, delivering them lunch and dinner and helping with their housework as well.

"I could relate to her because I'm like that too. I always worry, if I get sick tomorrow, who will take care of my mom? I pay for my mom's medications," Zoila told the Register.

As the first ever recipient of the Zoila, Jan got a congratulatory call from our favorite housekeeper, a profile in the Register, and of course, our ending admiration. Congrats, Jan!

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