I'm an Aries

I'm an Aries

Fern Mallis reveals her familiarity with astrology, and gives some advice to Merlin.

Bravotv.com: What  did you think about the designers having their fortunes read, using the Tarot cards as the basis for this week’s challenge?
I think it was a clever challenge … it certainly got some of  them thinking, and it was interesting to see how they individually  interpreted the readings and applied that to their  work.

Bravotv.com: Do you visit  psychics? Do you believe in that stuff?
I love “that  stuff." I have consulted with many different psychics  throughout the years … even ones that you work with over the phone. I haven’t been too consistent however … I guess I am waiting for the one who  tells me everything I want to hear. Then if it comes true, I’ll follow up with  another visit.

But I do consult  with an amazing and brilliant astrologer, who is also quite psychic, and his  readings are always immensely interesting, topical, and personal … and I trust  him implicitly. I am an Aries … in case anyone was wondering.

Bravotv.com: Which looks stood out the most to you? (for better or worse?)
Once again, the final four  looks — two from the top and two from the bottom — stood out for the best and worst  reasons.

Anna’s dress was really very cheerful and pretty, and her reading said she should have fun, use color, and flowers, and it was very her. She has been coming into her own and is  beginning to have a "signature style."  

I do think that  Merlin’s outfit was unfortunate. I accept that he was trying to do  something "out of the box" – at least for him, but it just didn’t work. I also thought watching the show and hearing his commentary to his colleagues  was very unnecessary and cruel ... and wanting to make pretty clothes, that would appeal not only to the judges, but to the audience (aka customers) is exactly what this particular competition (and industry) is all about. Sorry,  Merlin.  I know he is an engaging/amusing personality, but ultimately “it’s all about the  clothes."

And while James-Paul’s look had problems … he still is a “thinking” designer who needs to keep working through his ideas, and he needs more time in real life to really get it perfected, but he makes us always want to see where and how he will take his ideas next time.
Bravotv.com: Did you agree  with what the audience chose for the winning looks?
I agreed with their top choices of Anna and Reco. I liked Reco’s suit a great deal, even though I did not like the blouse underneath, but the curvy edges and rolls of the jacket and the sexy piping on the pants were terrific. But once again, when it works well — this is a season of  color, and the print was beautiful and the dress was a real stretch for Anna — it was a difficult dress to pull off and she did. I have been saying all  season that color is what we need.  So I think the audience did make the right choices.

Bravotv.com: And finally,  without giving anything away, how was the final shoot?
The “final” shoot  was terrific. I think everyone rose to the challenge. It all looked  great; each of the designers really communicated and expressed both verbally and creatively what they were trying to achieve. And as is always the  case … someone disappointed us – and we weren’t expecting that to be the  case.

The audience was fantastic, and it felt like a fashion show that we produce in the tents … with  all the energy, excitement, media, and celebrities.

Bravotv.com: What advice would  you give the eliminated designer to move forward with his/her career?
First and most important would be to check your ego at the door. There is no time or place for it at this stage. We all know enough about everyone to either like or dislike them … so the clothes have to now do the talking. And like they  say, the key to performing at Carnegie Hall or soon for showing at Lincoln  Center is “practice, practice, practice.” Don’t read the press releases, spend time honing your skills, style, and point of view. Twittering will  not bring orders or credibility for a designer.

Bravotv.com: Anything else  you’d like to add?
Make sure you all tell everyone you know, and e-mail, Facebook, LinkedIn or whatever to all your  pals and buddies, tell them to watch these last few episodes and VOTE for the  winner!!! You can be part of fashion history and make a career for a talented  individual. Everyone always has an opinion, and I’ve been reading all the  blogs and comments … so YOUR chance to really tell us what you think and who  deserves to win The Fashion Show is coming up. Stay tuned … and find out  more. There will be a limited number of hours to register your VOTE … but  please do so. I can’t wait to see who America chooses (although I have a  good idea ….)

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