In Check

In Check

As always, Merlin handicaps his competition.

Since 5 a.m. the phone begins to ring. It’s a sign that it’s going to be one of those days: full of tension and adventure, in the world of the “mini-challenge” and the unknown. Cameras arrive at our doors and it’s a sign of exit. And for some of us without return because today is elimination day. The challenge this time is to create a jacket that has a hidden surprise, a trick that facilitates or satisfies the needs of who wears it.

But before the challenge we had a min challenge which was to repair a part of a jacket or skirt.  Each of us had only a few minutes to fix the section we were given of the jacket or skirt.
I had to fix the zipper. And I have to accept that it didn’t go well for me. Well, Lidia was lucky, she had to fix the shoulder pads, James Paul, the buttons and Angel had to fix the hems, which he did flawlessly.

My team were the winners again of the mini challenge. We chose Lidia as a leader. Lidia is very organized I have to admit and put us all on check. We all agreed on the colors of the collection and the concept. (Angel) felt bad because when we had 15 minutes to discuss the concept he wanted to lead the conversation, and I didn’t let her, and told her that was Lidia’s job. I respect Angel because I consider her very talented but she has not discovered her own creativity. I feel that she is under a lot of pressure, and that she demands too much of herself for her capacity, in regards to execution. I think that frustrates her and irritable when she is under pressure. 

Well, the thing is when we are buying the fabrics she attacked me directly without me knowing why and I had to put her on her place or as we say in Spanish “pintar mi raya y ponerla en su lugar.” Since then, I realized this is not going to work and will not have a happy ending.

In my team I have noticed the difference in our style, which is good. Therefore, we should not worry about competing amongst ourselves. What I worry about understanding the objective of the challenge, and all agreeing on tones and textures for the collection.

Why did our collection ended up being so separated without cohesiveness? The reason is that my teammates do not discuss the elements and materials amongst themselves, and do not make a connection among projects to at least create a story. On the runway, I noticed it the first time, everything was nicely created but each one with their own thing, and Lidia did not notice that disaster. On my mind, we are on death row. James’ materials are not included in my project. Lidia’s material is no where near ours .. HELLO!!!! James-Paul's project was very interesting and funny, with a very good sense of humor. Angel as always doesn’t know if the sleeve goes up or down, continues to be indecisive in the summer. My jacket didn’t even make it to the runway and that frustrated me because I put a lot of work into it, and it was not appreciated, not even evaluated. I felt discriminated, and I couldn’t do anything about it.
I am not worried about being on the elimination seat because this is a competition and sooner or later our end will come.  What bothered me is that at the end my team was not connected in anything.

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