Leader of the Pack

Leader of the Pack

Reco dishes on his first week as team leader and his struggling team.

Finally voted team captain … I think the team realized that some of them weren’t as good as they thought…

Everything started out great. I gave my team a clear understanding how and where I want the actual line to go which was to the top. I was thinking go more over-the-top because the judges will love it because of its innovation or hate it because of the lack of construction from my teammates. I can actually say I was able to show America and the world that I was able to lead a group of people in the right direction in developing lines.

OK back to the team LOL … my team understood the concept which they seemed to love, but their confidence, lack of skills, and egos got the best of them and we landed on the chopping block again. I knew in the back of my mind that I have to do an extremely hot piece so I can at least gain points for my team, as well take on more work like making patterns for everyone and maybe even sewing up most of their pieces. I was actually amazed at myself because I was able to pull of a ski suit with extra innovation. At the end of the days there wasn’t enough time for you to make all your pieces with, then I know I would be going to the chopping block.

Our team was called to the stage as the bottom team. To my surprise the judges gave me total praise in being able to construct such a beautifully made jumpsuit in such a small amount of time. They actually told me that I was not only their favorite, I was the audience favorite as well, but … they couldn’t appoint me as the winner because of my team. If I had to pick anyone off my team to go … it would have been Markus. He has a great sense of style, but he can’t bring them to life, which killed us in the end. Lo and behold it was him to go home.

I guess I proved myself to my team that I can be a great accent but it was a little disappointing  to find out why I wasn’t chosen earlier as the team captain. They though I didn’t know enough about fashion and I didn’t have a good sense of fashion, but I proved them wrong. There was no way for me to respond because I know in the end I won’t be standing next to Jonny or Haven.

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