Mean Girl

Mean Girl

Merlin explains what made him unhappy that he won.

We started with a Mini Challenge of making a campaign shirt for a girl running for class president at her school. My shirt was themed "Mean Girls" but I did not understand exactly what a "mean girl" was. Danielle explained to me that a mean girl was similar to a drama queen. I hated it.

For the elimination challenge we had to include our shirt theme somehow into a new garment. Horrible. I had to transform an ugly duck into a swan. I was a little disappointed and frustrated because I wasn't 100% sure what a mean girl was and didn't know how they dressed. So I made my own version of a "mean girl." I think each one of us has some sort of mean girl quality inside us and we use it when it's convenient to disguise ourselves and stay in the social world we'd like to stay in. I ended up winning the challenge, but I think Lidia should have won because she was the wisest in this challenge.

I have realized that Havan, Danielle, and Anna think that they can go through life pushing and trampling everything that is in their way. The cameras do not show who they really are.
Barbie is not more than the competition but in all the ways that follow I'm thinking that Haven does not have anything in her head and it is contaminated by the aerosol that she uses for her hair but it's good because it acts like an exterminator and kills off all the flies. Kisses, Barbie.

I'm a professional designer with years of experience over and beyond some of my competitors. Although this challenge was outside of what I do in my normal day-to-day business, I'm a professional and can pull a little magic out of my hands to pull off any challenge. My outfit was totally wearable and my idea of a "Mean Girl" is a snooty uptight woman, the kind you might find in Bel-Air.I was a little  disappointed because I ended up in the top two in this challenge alongside BARBIE. It's like comparing me with a bicycle without wheels, Lidia i feel would have been a much better match.

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