Tricks and Treats

Tricks and Treats

Lidia is wary of the challenges and the prizes at this point in the competition.

Being in the bottom of two put me in the spotlight position of this week’s challenge. Our day started with a Mini Challenge to sketch an outfit that Kelly was wearing from a memory which was a trick to ask as we were fascinated by the dress that Issac brought. So when I found out that we actually had to capture details of Kelly’s dress it caught me by surprise because my eyes were distracted from a busy pattern of her dress and I totally did not pay attention to it. But somehow my visual impact stayed in my memory and I was able to express it in my sketch, and no surprise, my sketch ended up in the top three. Issac and Laura’s comments were that I totally captured the mood and essence of the dress. I was happy and satisfied and yet totally fine that I wasn’t the winner. This time, because I sensed that the winner’s prize could be a trick as well. And here we go; the winner of the Mini Challenge will be choosing the person who is going to be in the bottom three.

Our big challenge was a surprise as well but I had a sense that this time going to NY Model Management didn’t necessarily mean that we were going to design for models as we’ve previously done. My next guess was that we might be designing for the staff of NY Models. But, here we go: The project is to design for real women and my model was the total opposite of me. Now we have to create an outfit that would enhance the positive and hide the imperfections. During the fabric shopping I had a chance to get to know my model and study my customer. She mentioned only her height to be a problem as not being able to find clothes that would fit her in length, as she was too shy to talk about her other body issues. The issues I noticed was a small chest, wide hip bone, and flat behind. So I’ve decided to even out her height proportion and make her fuller in the bust and behind area.

The fabric colors were to brighten her beautiful face and to step away from black, which was her color. I was happy with my garment the way it came out and my customer was satisfied and excited with her new change and look. It’s Fashion Show time and I was glad our guest judge was stylist Rebecca Weinberg, because my look composed a complete, polished, and finished look as ready to wear in a stylish way that Rebecca would appreciate.

Our respectful judges complimented on my outfit and it felt very satisfying because this was a moment for me to prove to myself the reason that I’m here in this competition. They commented that they were happy with last week’s decision for me to stay on the show. I proved to myself again that I would never let our judges down as my work speaks for itself.

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