What a Lovely Experience

What a Lovely Experience

Haven regrets her color choice for her final challenge.

This week began with a Fashion History Mini Challenge. Even though I thought I would do well in this challenge, it turns out I was eliminated first. It was a question about Pucci, a designer I’m sad to say I know very little about. I was a little annoyed because I knew almost every question asked after that. Whatev.

Anna, who I love dearly, won and I was happy for her. Her prize was to pair each contestant with one of the seven iconic designers — Halston/Reco, Gianni/Johnny, Haven/YSL (I was thrilled!), Dior/Daniella, Pucci/James Paul, Madam Gres/Merlin and Chanel/Anna. It was a match made in heaven, so I thought.

Immediately after picking my fabric I began to second-guess myself and wished I would have gone for black, green, and white instead of Brunnard fuschia. I wanted to do a women’s day-suit to reflect upon the women’s suits YSL made in the past, paying homage specifically to the le smoking tuxedo jacket that inspires almost everything I wear and design. Looking back I would have done a lot of things differently starting with color choice. At elimination the judges asked me why I didn’t do shorts, ie bermuda shorts, but after so much scrutiny over my shorts addiction I guess I was a bit apprehensive.

If I had it to do all over again I would have made my signature outfit with inspirations of YSL-boxy blazer in a bright color with high-waisted short shorts. Oh well, lesson learned — I was eliminated. It was sad to say goodbye to my fellow designers who I’ve fallen in love with, but I know I will see them again soon. As far as Fern, Isaac, and Kelly go: love them and appreciate all their advice. What a lovely experience!

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