Disappointing Duplicity

Disappointing Duplicity

Iman let us which collection was a bit of a snooze which deserved straight-to-DVD treatment

Bravo: This episode is inspired by femme fatales. Who are some of your favorite femme fatales through time? Do you count yourself as one?
Iman: Cleopatra, Lana Turner, Jessica Rabbit, and Sharon Stone. I would never count myself as one!
Bravo: You mentioned that the House of Nami’s design’s lacked sexiness, but was more cohesive. What do you think they could have done to up the alluring quotient?
Iman: The essence of a femme fatale is intrigue and sex, but dangerous seduction is the heart of the matter. The House of Nami's clothes were well-executed but lacked the duplicity of a femme fatale.

I would call their collection femme fatale "lite." I would have done some soft trenches, tuxedo pantsuit with unbottened silk blouses showing a bit of décolleté--even the overused animal print, but in a red leopard print, here might have given it some heat!
Bravo: The House of Emerald went a little off-the-wall with the "disco vampire" concept, what did you think of their overall design?
Iman: Just the thought of disco vampire conjures a straight to DVD movie! And their collection definitely came off like that, especially with Ceasar and Golnessa's outfits which were a bit tacky! And then there was Tamara who was in a completely different movie! Now, when I think disco I think excess and extravagance--outrageous sexual imagery now throw in vampire, and it could have sizzled. I can feel the heat just talking about it! But alas, it didn't have any of that.
 Bravo: You mentioned you’d wear Eduardo's dress. What about it did you find so successful?
Iman: The chicness of Eduardo's dress is what I loved most and the construction of it. He is so good at these complicated structures that also have movement, which is a feat.
Bravo: Were you surprised with Cesar's dress, as it was a major departure for him?
Iman: I was astonished! It was a huge let down. Maybe he believed his own hype at the beginning and he has let his guard down. He chose the colors of the House of Emerald collection and guided the team to their defeat! Also, he should have spent more time finessing his garment than helping the opposing team! Beware Ceasar!
Bravo: This week we saw a few designers leaning on each other: Ro and Cesar, Calvin and Tamara, and Cindy and Golnessa. What do you think of these sort of communal relationships? Does it make you as a judge worried you aren’t seeing the whole picture?
Iman: As judges we never the see the full picture anyway and our job is really to judge the product and not the characters, unless you are Calvin!

The concept of the show encourages teamwork but it doesn't mean one should ignore their individual looks. So far I find most of the allegiances are good and healthy with the exception of Cindy and Golnessa. Since they worked together before you would think it is perfect but I think it is a little bit off-kilter. But only time will tell which one will be still standing in the next couple of episodes!
 Bravo: What other pieces did you really enjoy, or despise this week?
Iman: I loved Edwardo, Calvin, and Dominique’s designs. But, I wasn't crazy about Golnessa and Ro's outfits.

I really had a hard time eliminating Tamara because I think she is talented and needed more time but we were there to eliminate the weakest of the looks, and I think I did my job accordingly. After I eliminated her my hands started shaking...bless, Isaac, for holding my hands. We just lost the girl who made Calvin endearing to all of us! She showed us that he is human after all and not some crazy egoistic monster.
Bravo: What did you think of Calvin’s attempt at self-sacrifice?
Iman: Calvin is a snake they better all watch out... just kidding! I think he means well but is a bit an egocentric.

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