Good Riddance

Good Riddance

Iman doesn't have the patience for drama or whiners this week.

How do you think the two houses handled the out-of-the-box challenge they were presented with this week?
I think they were taken completely by surprise! They had to learn how to navigate the unpredictable terrain of is a game changer. This is not only a brand- new Fashion Show, but, a brand new show on fashion.
What did you think of Mike’s decision to abstain from the challenge?
If you can't take the heat get out of fashion! I thought he was too cocky and couldn't take the challenging pace of competition TV. And his reference of where I came from to the "modern" world on Episode 1 was insulting at the very least. I am with Cesar on this one. . .good riddance!
What about Eduardo’s dress set it above the other pieces from House of Nami?
The attention to detail, the classic silhouette, and that beautiful collar... DIVINE! He is an accomplished designer.
What other pieces were you really taken with this challenge?
Strangely enough I liked both Jeffrey's and Calvin's designs. So the House of Emerald wasn't a complete waste, like they were on Episode 1.
What disappointed you the most from the House of Emerald's collection?
The House of Emerald was in total chaos on Episode 1, and they still lack finesse and clarity of vision. But I think they benefited from having Jeffrey as a leader on Episode 2. God, imagine what could have happened under Calvin's rule as a leader...the horror, the horror!

Were you surprised by Calvin’s strong showing this week after his fashion emergency last week? Are you frustrated that his attitude is clouding his talent?
Yes, because I thought I was going to get rid of him once and for all, but his talent saved his behind! Talent trumps drama anytime in my book...or maybe not if the drama is Calvanized. We'll see. He better change his ways. I don't have the patience for taking on the laborious task of understanding a Calvin narcissist, bitchfest, and it is definitely clouding his talent.

What advice would you give the House of Emerald to help them now, with Calvin onboard?
Now that Calvin, the destroyer, is out of the way maybe they will get their act together, and it might become "The House That Cesar Built." He is a good leader, and I think he will get them focused.

What did you think of Cesar’s move of self-sacrifice to jump to the other team?
Admirable! He is a gentleman, but strictly entre nous. Beware this might become the house that destroyed Cesar.

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