Drinking Alcohol and Carrying a Few Extra Pounds Both Contribute to Longer Life

Drinking Alcohol and Carrying a Few Extra Pounds Both Contribute to Longer Life

Cheers to the latest scientific research.

By Alesandra Dubin

When it comes to our diets — and more specifically, our liquid diets — what's the fountain of youth? A 104-year-old Michigan woman swears by Diet Coke. Preferring something stronger is the 96-year-old icon Betty White, who made it this far on hot dogs and vodka. Not that it needs to be said of one of America's most beloved personalities, but Betty White is a genius — and here's the latest science-based confirmation of that.

The new study out now that drinkers will be sure to love suggests their existing lifestyle choice might be a key to longevity: "The 90+ Study," as reported in The Independent, analyzed 1,700 nonagenarians and their daily habits. They learned that members of the group who consumed approximately two glasses of beer or wine each day were 18 percent less likely to experience a premature death.

And the news actually gets better for those who carry a few extra pounds: The research showed that overweight (but not obese) people had a three percent reduced chance of an early death.

So there you have it — confirmation that "What Would Betty White Do?" is a healthful motto to live by. And a further justification for your (moderated) drinking and those few extra pounds that never seem to fall off. Just chalk it up to an investment in your future. (Cheers!)

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