It's Brielle Biermann vs. Arby's In the Twitter War We Never Saw Coming

It's Brielle Biermann vs. Arby's In the Twitter War We Never Saw Coming

The Don't Be Tardy daughter said that the roast-beef chain is really "trying her life" right now. 

By Jenny Berg
Brielle Biermann Arbys Dissed Twitter

If you spend any amount of time on Brielle Biermann's Instagram feed, you'll know that the Don't Be Tardy daughter loves Chick-fil-A. Whether she's rhapsodizing about the spot's nuggets (made well done), or singing the praises of its macaroni and cheese, Brielle is a true evangelist for the chicken chain. 

Now, on occasion, Brielle has branched out of Chick-Fil-A to sample the goods at other eateries. She is, for example, a loud and proud fan of In-N-Out Burger. But she's never mentioned Arby's ... until now. And the mention wasn't favorable. 

In a recent Twitter post, the Atlanta beauty mused, "I just wanna know who's like 'hey wanna go get some Arby's?' And dead ass means it bc SOMEONES keeping them in business and it ain't me lmao." Well, Arby's wasn't laughing its you-know-what off when it responded to Brielle's tweet. (Pause to grab the popcorn.) 

"There are restaurants other than Chick-fil-A, Brielle," a spokesperson for the chain wrote, adding a side-eye emoji. Zing! Brielle must've gotten a kick out of the post, because she shared it while quipping: "Arbys rly trying my life rn ..." 

Brielle Biermann Arbys Dissed Twitter 1

Speaking of trying, would Brielle be game to taste Arby's new chicken sandwich? We have a feeling she has an open invite. 

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