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Ayesha Curry Claps Back After Trolls Tell Her to Put Her 30-Pound Baby on a "Portion Control" Diet

Cookbook author Ayesha Curry posted an innocent family picture, and then this happened. 

By Jenny Berg

We're probably preaching to the choir here, but this is a quick PSA: If you comment on a photo of a baby, the only appropriate thing to talk about is said baby's adorableness. Right? Right. And yet, Ayesha Curry recently got a head-smacking reminder that not everyone has received the memo.

If you can believe it, some people — let's call them Trolls A and B — actually felt the need to criticize her baby's body and suggest a new diet plan for the wee one. Oh, boy. 

It all started when the actress and cookbook author shared a family photo. In the pic, Curry is holding her 10-month-old son, Canon W. Jack Curry, on her hip. Maybe it was her stance, maybe it's just that some people are rude, but a commenter was compelled to ask: "Are you pregnant again?????"

Curry took that comment in stride, surprisingly, writing, "Absolutely not LOL. My 30 lb son is just breaking my back in every photo." And that's when people felt moved to comment on his weight. 

"If that kid is 30lbs he's got some serious health issues going on," one person — who, um, probably isn't a medical doctor — opined. That's when Curry's inner mama bear came out. "Excuse you? No. Just no," she wrote. Alas, a few more trolls decided to chime in anyway. 

Another person wrote, "He's the size of a friggin 3 year old! You're setting him up for health problems. Child diabetes for one." And yet another commenter decided to weigh in with a recommended diet plan. "Maybe portion-control his food a bit," the person — again, just guessing, probably not an MD — said. Oy. 

In the past, Curry has opened up about her family's eating habits, and everyone can relax because they sound perfectly balanced. When dishing with Parents magazine in March, the ace cook said: "Meal prep is big in my house, especially during basketball season, when Stephen needs to fuel up with super-healthy foods. When he’s home for a long stretch, I’ll cook a tub of hard boiled eggs and protein bowls with quinoa, veggies, and salmon or grilled chicken. And I love making big pasta dishes to have on hand during the week. I always try to keep a store-bought rotisserie chicken in the fridge. It’s cheap, and the possibilities are endless: Slice it up and make sandwiches, cut it up and serve with veggies and rice, or make a soup with the leftovers."

And just for the record, this is the photo that somehow caused all the nasty comments. Weird, right? 

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