Watch Bill Gates Amusingly Demonstrate How Little Billionaires Know About Grocery Prices

Watch Bill Gates Amusingly Demonstrate How Little Billionaires Know About Grocery Prices

Who knew Rice-a-Roni was so affordable?! (Not the Microsoft co-founder with a $91.8 billion net worth.)

By Jenny Berg

Paparazzi recently nabbed a shot of Chrissy Teigen shopping like a mere mortal at the grocery store — but they'd be hard pressed to find Bill Gates innocently filling his cart with Cap'n Crunch and tomatoes. The billionaire appeared on The Ellen Degeneres Show on February 21 and bravely allowed Ellen to put his grocery-store knowledge to the test. 

Ellen loves a game, and the aim of this one was to see whether Gates could name the price of a few everyday household items. The name of the game, of course, was "Bill's Grocery Bills."

Before he began, Gates did warn the audience that he hadn't been to the supermarket for quite some time, thus dashing the hopes of some guests hoping to win a prize. You see, Ellen told her fans that if the computer genius correctly guessed the price of three out of five items, there were some spoils in it for them. So, how did Gates do? 

If you know how much Rice-a-Roni costs, take this moment to feel slightly superior to the Microsoft founder. While Gates appraised the San Francisco treat at $5 per box, it actually costs closer to $1. And when it came time to guess the cost of Tide Pods, Gates vacillated between answering $4 and $10... only to be told that neither answer is correct. (Try $19.97!) 

Watch the video below to see the rest of the suspenseful game, and whether the audience got their prize! And before you dig in, give yourself this mini challenge: Do you know how much Totino's Pizza Rolls cost? 

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