Chris Hemsworth Turned to This Surprising Diet to Get Ripped for Avengers

Chris Hemsworth Turned to This Surprising Diet to Get Ripped for Avengers

Actor Chris Hemsworth followed a strict eating regime to bulk up for his role in Avengers, but it wasn't what you'd expect. 

By Jenny Berg

Pass the potatoes, hold the meat. To bulk up for his role in Avengers: Infinity War and Endgame, actor Chris Hemsworth followed a diet that's not typically associated with, well, getting ripped. But it certainly worked for him! 

Hemsworth's trainer Luke Zocchi recently spilled the tea on the actor's eating plan as he prepped for his role in the summer blockbusters. For the most recent installment of Avengers, as well as the one that preceded it, Hemsworth "went almost 95 percent vegan," Zocchi told Today Extra. (That's more than a "baby vegan" lifestyle, for sure.) OK, so Hemsworth did eat a little bit of meat every three days, but otherwise his diet was plant-based. 

For protein, Hemsworth reportedly noshed on burgers made of soy or pea. He also ate nutrient-rich foods like legumes, fats, grains, and fruits. And as for that bulking up, Hemsworth consumed about 3,500 calories a day dispersed among six meals, and he also trained as much as twice per day.

Hemsworth isn't the only one in his family who's well-acquainted with pea protein: His brother Liam Hemsworth and sister-in-law Miley Cyrus also stick to a vegan diet. Meanwhile, if you're interested in the vegan lifestyle but not totally ready to commit, follow Porsha Williams' advice from the clip below. 

Porsha Williams is a "Baby Vegan"
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