A Last-Minute DIY Guide to Making Food-Based Christmas Garlands

A Last-Minute DIY Guide to Making Food-Based Christmas Garlands

Because idle hands eat way too many Christmas cookies.

By Kristyn Pomranz

Hi! The holidays are upon us. And even though it’s still warm outside in many parts of the country, we’re lugging in a tree and pouring all kinds of happy, glittery, shiny crap all over it! Take that, global warming!

One of our favorite traditions is the long-lost art of food garlands. Not because they’re ripped from the pages of Martha Stewart or because they’re a hipster’s “vintage” holiday dream, but because they’re easy to do last-minute and insanely cheap and we love a good DIY project. And honestly, if we aren’t sewing food garlands, we are gonna be shoving Christmas cookies down our gullets, so.

First, an FAQ:

What is a Christmas food garland?

What a wonderful question! A Christmas food garland is a long cord (in our case, floss) strung with Christmas-y foods (in our case, popcorn, cranberries, or cinnamon sticks). But don’t let our DIY deter you from trying other Christmas foods on your garland, like ham. (Okay, not ham.)

How long should my Christmas tree garland be?

The rule of thumb is to make nine feet of garland for every one foot of tree height — so a five-foot tree would need 45 feet of garland. Now maybe that doesn’t seem daunting because you’ve got big plans to marathon all six seasons of Vanderpump Rules and you figure you might as well sew while you watch. But if you’re all caught up, you might want to halve the length and just double-space the garland on your tree.

How long will my food garland last?

Realistically, these foods are perishable and won’t last terribly long, but they’re also not going to do any harm just hanging out on a Christmas tree. If you want to preserve them for awhile longer, you can spray them with shellac (just make sure no animals have access to them!).

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