Donald Trump's Love of This Candy Has Made it Into a Political Bargaining Chip

Donald Trump's Love of This Candy Has Made it Into a Political Bargaining Chip

It's the pink ones and the red ones, mainly.

By Kristyn Pomranz

Trump has had an… unorthodox presidency, to say the very least. Love him or hate him — and certainly people tend to fit squarely into either category — he typically makes decisions based on his instincts and by following his gut. So when it comes to issues of international security, it would be in the nation's bipartisan best interest to want to make sure his gut is happy — and as it turns out, what his gut wants is pink and red Starburst candy.

Last fall, House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy was traveling with Trump on Air Force One when he noticed that POTUS was snacking from a jar of Starburst — but only eating the pink and red ones. It was a light bulb moment for the Republican congressman. He tells the Washington Post, “A bit later, a couple of his aides saw me with those colors and told me, ‘Those are the president’s favorites.’” Soon after, McCarthy put together a care package of exclusively pink and red Starburst and sent it as a gift to Trump.

McCarthy’s thoughtful prez for the Prez curried his favor, and soon enough, the congressman began receiving impromptu invitations to come hang with Trump in the Oval Office and at Mar-a-Lago. (Perhaps to eat Starburst together?) Even more impressive: WaPo reports that McCarthy is one of the rare politicians who can leap into a conversation “without provoking Trump’s ire.” Honestly, we totally get it — pink and red Starburst are the best ones. And it turns out they now may wield significant political power!

So is a pile of pink and red fruit chews all we need to prevent a catastrophic war with North Korea? It’s hard to say — but it’s probably not a bad idea to keep a curated candy jar right next to that nuclear button. Just for good measure.

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