Drake Just Left a $20,000 Cash Tip — at McDonald’s (UPDATED)

Drake Just Left a $20,000 Cash Tip — at McDonald’s (UPDATED)

Two employees at a Los Angeles Golden Arches received a rainfall from Drizzy.

By The Feast Staff

UPDATE (10:38 A.M. EST, THURSDAY, JANUARY 31, 2019): Drake was originally thought to have tipped two McDonald's workers each $10,000 in cash, after a fan tweeted about itPeople has since updated its original report after confirming that the rapper instead gave each of the workers at the Los Angeles restaurant $100 in cash. It's a far cry from $10,000 — but hardly a bad tip on a single order in a minimum-wage job.

Original story continues below. 

Last year, Drake shot a music video for his song "God's Plan," in which he gave away a reported million dollars in cash, groceries, and extravagant gifts such as cars to random people he met while shooting. He later gave away $200,000 in scholarship money to deserving students. Now, he has continued that streak of generosity by leaving an extraordinary tip at a surprising place.

People reported that Drake left two female employees at a McDonald's in Los Angeles a $10,000 cash tip each, later posting a pic of himself at the counter to Instagram as a memento. 

Now, it's not always easy to calculate the right tip to leave after a meal, mind you, but Drake just clearly wanted to do something life-changing for some ordinary people. And to quote the fast food franchise where this unreal event actually took place, the employees were probably lovin' it.

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