White House Doctor Says Trump Weighs 239 Pounds... No Way Says the "Girther" Movement

White House Doctor Says Trump Weighs 239 Pounds... No Way Says the "Girther" Movement

For comparison, Tim Tebow is six foot three and 236 pounds.

By Marianne Garvey

Let’s debate: In the latest Donald Trump news, it’s the public whose calling #fakenews to the president’s claim of his six-foot-three-inch height and a 239 weight. Just judging by the naked eye, he doesn’t look either of those things, some think. And now, the Internet is on fire with theories that he’s lying to prevent an “obese” diagnosis in his charts. So who’s lying here? The doctor? Trump? Can he actually have the same measurements as many top professional athletes?

The commander in chief very publicly plays golf, but that is not a sport known for rigorous cardio. Plus, he carts between holes. As well, he publicly enjoys fast food in large portions, a fact noted in many reports and observed as he travels.

Behold the Girther Movement. Girthers want the truth. Girthers want the president to show his weight certificate. Just walk right out to that press conference podium and hold that sucker up like a gold boxing belt. 

According to his physician, Navy Rear Adm. Ronny L. Jackson, Trump did clock in at 239 pounds and is six foot three inches tall, but some see many signs that point to that being unlikely.

Like, say if the results were doctored by the doctor, the height and weight juuuust keeps him from being classified as obese. One more pound in weight or one less inch in height, and he shoots on the BMI scale from overweight to obese. (Let it be noted, however, that some consider the BMI scale a "terrible measure of health.")

Let’s compare.

POTUS weighs just three pounds more than professional football player with washboard abs Tim Tebow, according to Sports Illustrated. He’s the exact same height as Jay Cutler, who weighs just eight pounds less than Trump. How does that strike you?

Girthers swear if the doc just double checks, Trump will be shorter and heavier than what’s been reported.

How can he be six foot three inches, they say, if he’s in many many photos standing shoulder to shoulder with other men, where we can easily determine his height?

Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn offered to donate $100,000 to charity if Trump would agree to get weighed by a different doctor for an official second opinion. 

Girthers are demanding to see the official "girth certificate," as it were. So that's where we are now.

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