Gordon Ramsay Triggered Vegan Rage on Twitter With His PETA-Mocking Post

Gordon Ramsay Triggered Vegan Rage on Twitter With His PETA-Mocking Post

The famously outspoken chef has crossed the famously outspoken people of PETA. 

By Jenny Berg
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Hell hath no fury like a group of animal-rights activists. Hell also hath no fury like Gordon Ramsay. Together, those facts combine to make for the ingredients of a major Twitter battle of wills and words. It all went down when Ramsay recently posted a tweet that rankled the vegetarian people of PETA. And to think, it all started with an innocent lasagna snap. 

Here's what happened: As Ramsay's fans are wont to do, one home chef snapped a photo of her meat-free dish and posted the image with a direct call-out to the fiery — and suddenly super buff! — chef. "How does my vegan lasagna look," the fan asked, sharing a photo of the cozy-looking meal. (OK, so it's not as gorgeous as, say, Mermaid Toast ... but we'd tuck into that saucy dish any day!)

However, Ramsay didn't seem as keen. In fact, it seems that the chef thought the dish was missing something. Something like, say... sausage or ground beef. The Hell's Kitchen star responded: "I'm a member of PETA: people eating tasty animals ... " Ooh, snap. Fighting words.

Take a peek at the contentious dish, and at Ramsay's response:


Well, you can guess how that "tasty animals" comment went down with people who make it their life's mission to advocate for the ethical treatment of animals. Ramsay's comment was subsequently re-tweeted some 40,00 times, and the tweet heard 'round the world spurned some feels from people who swear by a plant-based diet. 

And, in addition to fans, the PETA org itself weighed in. (Cue ominous music, crows cawing, et cetera.) Here's what the organization had to say: 


Oooh snap again! They even pulled the Paul McCartney card! While this Twitter war wages, we'll just be here fantasizing about a vegan Gordon Ramsey. How many foul-mouthed synonyms would he devise for kale? And, how many ways can he take down a carrot dish that lacks flavor? Only time will tell. And till then, we'll be here munching on popcorn, watching this debate go down. Hold the butter — we'll take Earth Balance instead. 

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