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Gwyneth Paltrow Once "Hallucinat[ed] With Fatigue" From a Cleanse, Says Everyone Should Try One

Goop mogul Gwyneth Paltrow famously sticks to an intensely clean diet.

By Jenny Berg
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Gwyneth Paltrow is famous for her clean diet, so it makes perfect sense that the Goop mogul would name her latest cookbook The Clean Plate. (Catchy, right?) But, there's only so far the actress will go in the name of detoxing. And — just like us! — she'll draw the line at diets that make her hallucinate. And, perhaps, at cashew cheese. 

On a recent episode of the Goop podcast, Paltrow chatted about her cookbooks with Goop's food editors. While her new book, she says, focuses on detox foods that don't really present as such — think a Za’atar Chicken Bowl or Kale & Sweet Potato Salad with Miso — her last book was inspired by a cleanse crisis of sorts. Just call it #goopworldproblems.

"One of the use cases [for my cookbooks] is, I'm on a detox and I don't know what to eat," the Oscar winner said. "Because that's kind of how I basically started with It's All Good, that second book, where I was trying to clean up my diet and do a finite cleanse, and I was also, like, hallucinating with fatigue, and I couldn't think of stuff to make that was on the plan. So I thought, well next time, if I ever detox again I'm going to write down recipe ideas and things I could make, and that was the seed of that book." 

As for her newly released tome, the health guru said: "That's what the purpose of this book was, too, is to make clean food that's actually delicious so you don't feel like you're depriving yourself of anything."

Here's an example: "There are some people who would say you can't make a clean eggplant parmesan because it's a nightshade," Paltrow said. "But you could do a take on it, you could do zucchini — it depends on how clean you want to go!" She added, wryly, "you could do zucchini with Nomato sauce and cashew cheese, and then watch me commit suicide." 

But while she's not about all deprivation, all the time, Paltrow did encourage her listeners to experiment with their diets a bit. Talking about how her cleanses have changed — she no longer goes for liquid-only, unless she's experimenting for Goop — Paltrow shared, "I would say in the past 10 years, it's more about eliminating any allergen or anything that's inflammatory and kind of letting the body heal. I do think that, it is interesting sometimes, as an experiment or once in your life, to do three or five days on a liquid cleanse of some kind, because it's a different experience." 

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