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Jenna Jameson Slams “Ridiculous” “Falsehoods” About Keto and Breastfeeding, Says Ketosis Increased Her Milk Supply

Jenna Jameson detailed her experience with breastfeeding while sticking to the controversial — even "taboo" — Keto diet.

By Jenny Berg
What Is the Keto Diet? Experts Weigh In... and Celebs Sound Off

There are plenty of critics of the ketogenic diet, but its staunch advocate Jenna Jameson is prepared to clap back at every one of them. The former adult entertainer, who shed some 80 pounds eating low-carb, high-fat foods, has said this of doctors who distrust the diet: "Don’t let others push their agendas on you." That goes for breastfeeding moms, too, she said.

Jameson, who has three littles, poached the topic in a recent Instagram post. "Let’s talk breastfeeding and #keto," she began. "This subject is quite taboo it seems. A lot of naysayers rattle off falsehoods like 'you have to eat oats to produce sufficient milk.' Seriously ridiculous." 

On the contrary, here was Jameson's experience with Keto and breastfeeding: 

"When I started my #weightlossjourney I slowly subtracted carbohydrates over a week long period while monitoring my supply. I’m not quite sure why I thought processed foods contributed to my fabulous supply. I was absolutely wrong. The moment I got into full ketosis my milk increased. I think a lot of people think Keto is all about bacon salami and copious amounts of cheese. It’s actually quite well rounded with lots of organic veggies, fish and eggs. I am aware all women are not the same, but I think if you do your research, start slowly and monitor yourself.... nursing and keto go hand in hand."

Take a look at her new photos, and her breastfeeding-on-Keto philosophy:

This isn't the first time Jameson has spoken up about breastfeeding. She's also part of a movement to "normalize" the practice, and urges women not to feel the need to cover up when they feed their babies. 

Here's what celebs have had to say about the controversial Keto diet;

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