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Here's Why Kim Kardashian Was Right to Eat Apart From North and the Nanny at a Restaurant — So Lay Off

Holy moly, give the woman a break with the mom shaming. 

By Marianne Garvey

Kim Kardashian upset a bunch of mom shamers over the weekend when she dined at fancy Miami restaurant Carpaccio, and sat her daughter North at a separate table. One, does anybody have anything better to do? Two, who cares? Everyone's got child services on speed dial for every public figure (and non-public figure) who happens to also be a parent. Once again, everyone needs to settle down.

It’s not like Kim was carrying on partying while North dined alone picking at a soggy grilled cheese off the kid's menu being all neglected and staring at a wall. She was with a nanny, one who we’re sure is vetted by the very best in background checks and references in order to work for Kim and Kanye.

The reason North was seated separately is pretty simple: Kim was working. Whatever your definition of work, this is her version. She was filming the family’s cash cow, Keeping Up With the Kardashians, and she didn’t want North on film in that particular scene. I'm taking Kim’s side on this one since she was being a protective mother and maintaining her daughter’s privacy while still keeping her close by. That’s #momgoals if you ask me.

Her daughter also gets to see her mom working hard. Filming a show may not seem difficult, but there are schedules to keep and loose scripts to stick to, and North gets to witness mommy doing what she does best. She will grow up understanding that her mom actually does do something, whether you agree that something is "work" or not doesn’t take that away.

So to the spy at the restaurant who commented that the situation was “#sad,” wouldn’t leaving your daughter at home, inside all day, away from mom, be sadder? Isn’t being in the vicinity of mommy and extended family, while in the quality care of a nanny, better?

Parenting expert Lyss Stern, author of Motherhood Is a B#tch: 10 Steps to Regaining Your Sanity, Sexiness and Inner Diva weighed in with this: "Really? Who cares! Enough already with people dissecting every single move Kim K. does! She was shooting something for work," Lyss says. "She didn’t want North in this scene so she sat her at another table with her nanny to keep her off camera. Why is this awful? Or the worst thing in the world? Obviously she didn’t want her in this scene for a reason. It’s really enough with all the mommy shaming! People, get it together. Look at what’s going on in our country... there are more important things to be worried about. If North sitting at a table with her nanny is making headline news... I think we should focus on more important things."

So with that, feel free to eat in a restaurant to your own family's personal specs — and I'll hold the haters back while you do.

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