This Map of the Most Popular Christmas Candy by State Reveals Trends That Are JUST SO WRONG

This Map of the Most Popular Christmas Candy by State Reveals Trends That Are JUST SO WRONG

The war on Christmas candy is very real, and this map is proof.

By Kristyn Pomranz

Every holiday season, people renew their debate about the “war on Christmas.” They fight about everything from the phrase “Happy holidays” to the color of Starbucks cups, and to be honest with you, we’ve never really understood all the hullabaloo… until now., the arbiter of all candy data, has released a new map detailing the most popular “Christmas candy” in each state. The only problem? Some of the states’ top choices aren’t even Christmas candy! Sorry, but since when are Skittles considered Christmas candy? How about Starburst? Or Jolly Ranchers?

The war on Christmas CANDY is very real and this map has officially drawn the battle lines.

Candy canes, which are arguably the official candy of Christmas, only showed up in seven (!!!) states: Delaware, Georgia, Maine, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Vermont, and Washington. Meanwhile peppermint bark made a mere four appearances: California, Kansas, Nevada, and West Virginia. But the greatest insult of all? Chocolate Santas only charted once — and in North Dakota, where no one even lives, we don’t think.

The most popular “Christmas” candy in the U.S. was M&M’s — which are available year round!!! — and Pez, which, at the very least, makes for an excellent stocking stuffer. But we cannot give a pass to the states that chose Starburst, Skittles, Jolly Ranchers, Snickers, or Reese’s minis. This is Christmas, people, not Halloween — shove those bush-league candies back in the jack-o-lantern where they belong.

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