The Mystery OREO Flavor Has Been Revealed and We Got it Right! (And Also Wrong)

The Mystery OREO Flavor Has Been Revealed and We Got it Right! (And Also Wrong)

Well played, OREO.

By Kristyn Pomranz

A few weeks ago, we invited you to join us on an inscrutable journey: speculating the true flavor of Mystery OREOs. ICYMI, I surveyed 10 people from all walks of life (lest any socio-economic dynamics affect perception of flavor), and I got the following responses:

Kristyn (limited-edition foods journalist): orange

Caleb (normal journalist): creamsicle

Ashlie (executive assistant/mom): key lime pie

Jeff (employed New Yorker): lemon salt water taffy

Matt (funemployed): Fruity Pebbles

Andy (programmer): Trix

Ingo (esthetician): bubble gum

Chelsea (Mondalez employee with no insider knowledge): Chiquita Banana lady’s hat

Kim (editorial director): cereal milk

Cynthia (nanny): orange

Casey (teenager): lime

As a seasoned limited-edition food journalist, my very first instinct was, and we quote, “something exactly like Fruity Pebbles.” However, I know that OREOs are produced by Mondelez and Fruity Pebbles are produced by Post Consumer Brands. So I decided (AND I QUOTE), “Unless this is some kind of bizarro cross-company product integration, the mystery flavor is neither Fruity Pebbles nor Froot Loops.”

So you can imagine how I feel now that the flavor is, IN FACT… Fruity Pebbles. Y'know, after I changed my answer because I definitely put too much thought into parent companies and overthought the whole thing. (Not that I'm bitter about losing or anything.)

Aaanyway, change my answer I did, and so I must concede I personally got it wrong. But y’know who got it right? “Funemployed” Matt in my original story. Seems like somebody should start applying for flavor chemist jobs at Mondelez, arewerite?!

Thanks for playing.

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