If You Love Pineapple Pizza (Gasp!) You're Probably From This State

If You Love Pineapple Pizza (Gasp!) You're Probably From This State

A recent survey probed the ever-heated controversy.

By Jenny Berg

It's said that in polite society, it's best to avoid talking about politics or religion. But there's another topic that's almost as contentious, and that, of course, is... pineapple pizza. (This was, after all, 2017's most divisive food debate.) 

The question of whether pineapple as a pizza topping is delicious or revolting has the power to divide families, or at least guests at a pizza party. So surely, you've wondered how your state stands on the issue? Well even if not, we have answers. 

A recent survey conducted by Papa John's sought to get to the bottom of how various areas of the country feel about cheesy pineapple. Well, results are in, and if you're a Californian who likes your 'za loaded with fruit, you're in good company. 

Six of the top 10 pineapple-pizza-loving cities in the United States are in California. And Los Angeles topped 'em all, officially laying claim to being the city that orders the most pineapple pies. 

Meanwhile, over in the Midwest, Lansing, Michigan is the city that most embraces the Hawaiian-tinged treat. But in the South, things, well... go south. 

Greenville, Mississippi is the city that's proven to order the fewest pineapple pizzas — folks in Illinois, Wisconsin, Louisiana, Ohio, and New York tend to snub the stuff as well. 

And, there you have it! Now you officially know which states are safe to wear your I Heart Pineapple Pizza T-shirt in... and where it will get you run out of town with pitchforks.

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