Prince William Is Here to Tell Us How Someone "Accidentally" Does a Shot of Jägermeister

Prince William Is Here to Tell Us How Someone "Accidentally" Does a Shot of Jägermeister

The royal didn't mean to take that swig of alcohol — seriously, guys. 

By Jenny Berg

What's the Queen's English equivalent of I didn't inhale? (Don't mind us, just a little '90s humor for you.) We ask because it seems that our friend Prince William recently got himself into a situation that involved a rather unsightly Jägermeister shot — and the father of three had an interesting story to tell about it all. 

Here's what happened: While at the Submariners’ Remembrance Service and Parade on November 4 (i.e. a rather solemn occasion), the prince partook in the custom of remembering lost friends by taking a swig out of a silver flask. Normally, there's rum in the flasks, which should go down pretty smooth. However, William later revealed that his flask had a slightly more scorching beverage in it... 

At a reception following the now infamous swig, the prince alleged that someone had swapped his rum out for Jägermeister mixed with an energy drink. Wait, where's Ashton? Who would punk a prince? 

"That would have sorted me out,” he said. “I was expecting rum and got a Jägerbomb!” He added, "I’ll never be asked twice about drinking, it’s very important. They tried to put a Jägerbomb in it! Imagine my surprise; burnt my throat!" 

Imagine, indeed! But, since he started drinking it, he may as well have finished it, right? If any eyewitnesses have stories to tell about a drunk and jittery prince, we're all ears. 

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