Soleil Moon Frye Reveals the Diet That Helped her Lose 42 Pounds by Her 42nd Birthday

Soleil Moon Frye Reveals the Diet That Helped her Lose 42 Pounds by Her 42nd Birthday

The mom formerly known as Punky Brewster is living her "best self."

By Tamara Palmer

Soleil Moon Frye — that's the beloved child star of Punky Brewster in the '80s, for those too young to remember — is now a mother of four children ranging in age from two to 12. She struggled the baby weight that came along with it, she said — but recently posted a body-positive Instagram snap of herself in a bikini to reveal the weight loss and what went into it.

"I am about to turn 42 and yet feel younger than ever at times," she wrote in the July 29 post. "I am so grateful to have the perspective of age while being able to live in the moment. I have my days when I want to curl back up in bed and hide from the world but today is a good day. I am thankful for the good days & humbled by the harder ones that I measure them by."

“I’m not trying to impress somebody,” she explained to Us Weekly. “I just want to feel good and that may mean saying, ‘You know what? Yeah, I’ve got love handles, but I’m just gonna feel good about it. I’m gonna arch my back and find the best angle, that’s what I’m gonna do!’”

She credits joining Nutrisystem and her personal fitness trainer for the results and, "for helping to push me to feel like my best self after four babies and to my inner child that gives me strength each and every day." She combines cardio sessions at the gym with outdoor activities with her family, such as bike riding and beach volleyball.

She explained to Us that she called up a celeb mama friend in 2014 for some advice on the diet component of fitness. “I was really struggling and I called up my girlfriend Melissa Joan Hart and I said, ‘Does this Nutrisystem thing really work?’ She said, ‘Yes, it totally works for me.’ I called them up and I ordered the food and I was so excited that I got to eat waffles and all of these sweets… because I’m not somebody that can just drink lemon water and all of that, so I’m like, ‘Juice cleanse? What? I don’t know how to do that for a week,’” she reveals.

Now, she says, “I feel so much more confident. I feel so much more present and in my body.” 

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