Tiffani Thiessen Tried the Keto Diet and Rejected It: “My Body Was Like — No”

Tiffani Thiessen Tried the Keto Diet and Rejected It: “My Body Was Like — No”

Tiffani Thiessen took a hard pass on the Keto diet trend, and her husband also has some concerns. 

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What Is the Keto Diet? Experts Weigh In... and Celebs Sound Off

Tiffani Thiessen — that's right, "Kelly Kapowski" from Saved by the Bell, who later starred in the cooking show Dinner at Tiffani's  — recently released a cookbook, Pull Up a Chair. The cozy cookbook offers recipes for stuffed French toast, short-rib enchiladas, and more. And if the book is a peek into Thiessen's real-life eating preferences, it's no surprise that she's not a huge fan of the Keto diet. Spoiler alert: Stuffed French toast is definitely not low-carb. 

The actress shared her experience with the controversial diet while chatting with the folks at PEOPLE Now. "It's not for me," she revealed. "I tried it. I was like hey, this is what everybody's doing, I'll try it. My body was like no, you cannot." She later added: "My body was just like: That's a lot of fat and protein."

Thiessen's husband, Brady Smith, appeared with her in the interview, and shared that he'd tried the diet along with his wife. His verdict? "It didn't bug me at all," Smith said, shrugging. But he wasn't exactly sold on eating that way long-term.

"I think Keto's funny," Smith added. "This is just my opinion. Maybe you get real slim, but your heart is suffering from bacon. Right? I mean, am I wrong?" Note to Smith: According to Dr. Terry Dubrow, you are right! Al Roker, however, may have different thoughts

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