Tiffany Haddish Went to a Potluck at Taylor Swift's House — And the Food Was "Bomb," Gurrrl

Tiffany Haddish Went to a Potluck at Taylor Swift's House — And the Food Was "Bomb," Gurrrl

It was a "joyful" party, too.

By Tamara Palmer

When it comes to food, Taylor Swift can make a lot more than reservations, as dinner guest Tiffany Haddish learned — and then revealed on Ellen.

“When I get over there she got all this food. First of all, Taylor can cook, OK?" she recalled. "She can cook, like the chicken was bomb and she made cornbread, bomb! So good. And then she ate my greens — she was like, ‘Oh my gosh, Tiffany, I have been wanting greens for so long. I go to all these different places and get greens and they’re never good. These greens are so delicious.' And I was like, ‘Girl, cause them is joyful greens!'”

Tiffany told Ellen that she grows her own collard greens (along with kale, strawberries, avocados, eggplants, and cucumbers) and by smiling while she harvests, cuts and cooks them, they turn into "joyful greens." She brought them to Taylor's house for dinner after meeting her on Saturday Night Live.

I love this woman. @tiffanyhaddish

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Tiffany also revealed her dream to start a farm with Oprah Winfrey.

“One of my goals, girl, is to meet Oprah Winfrey, right? And then she’d be my auntie. Auntie O. And then we’d both be gardening together and stuff, right? She got a good garden. She got yard. She got a whole lot of backyard to grow stuff. So, I meet her, right, and then we gonna start, like, a co-op, and then the next thing you know we gonna start our own little booth and we gonna go to, like, farmers’ markets together and stuff together and it’ll be Tiff and O’s Vegetables! And we’ll probably tour the country and we’ll sell out of vegetables and people will be eating vegetables and stuff because of me and Oprah.”

Now that's a plan.

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