Keto Recipes Top 2018 Food Trends: How to Make Pancakes, Cookies, Brownies, and More

Keto Recipes Top 2018 Food Trends: How to Make Pancakes, Cookies, Brownies, and More

Here's how to make keto-friendly versions of 2018's top food trends: pancakes, cookies, brownies, cheesecake, and chili.

By Tamara Palmer

Keto has emerged as the most-queried diet of the year on Google's 2018 Year in Search, and it also dominates the company's most-searched-for foods. And while the diet's central tenets espouse eating meals high in fat, moderate in protein, and low in carbs, as well as pretty much eliminating sugar, that hasn't stopped people from searching for usually sinful treats that have somehow been transformed to be keto-friendly, like cheesecake, brownies, and cookies. 

Other non-keto search terms that cracked the top 10 are the perennially adorable unicorn cake (No. 1); cause-for-concern Romaine lettuce (No. 2), non-psychoactive CBD gummies (No. 3), the surprising Necco Wafers (No. 6 — really?), and the buzzing Korean chili sauce gochujang (No. 10).

Want to know how to spin these desserts (and savory suppers) into keto-friendly fare? Let's take a look at some top recipes:

Keto Pancakes

OK, so your keto pancakes won't be dripping with maple syrup, but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy an approximation of this breakfast classic — check out this keto pancakes recipe that calls for using almond flour and cream cheese for fluffy pancakes. 

Keto Cheesecake

Cheesecake is a perennial keto favorite, only you need to omit sugar and a crust. But, as it turns out, you can easily make one in your microwave with this Two-Minute Sugar Free Keto Cheesecake recipe.

Keto Cookies

Some sugar substitutes, such as erythritol, show up in keto-friendly dessert recipes, particularly in cookies. This keto cookies recipe uses crunchy peanut butter, powdered erythritol, and egg to make peanut butter cookies.

Keto Brownies

Break out your good grass-fed butter to make these Fudgy Keto Brownies recipe, which can be prepared with erythritol — or coconut sugar if you're paleo. 

Keto Chili

Keto chili was one of the most popular search terms of the year, and there are infinitely more ways to make chili keto-friendly than some of the above desserts. Try this 30-Minute No Bean Keto Chili in your keto-friendly Instant Pot.

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