Viola Davis Went on the Weirdest 28-Day Food Cleanse: “We Couldn’t Chew and We Couldn’t Suck”

Viola Davis Went on the Weirdest 28-Day Food Cleanse: “We Couldn’t Chew and We Couldn’t Suck”

The actress quit the bizarre cleanse, which she was doing with her "Widows" co-stars, for the most relatable reason.

By Jenny Berg

Oscar-winning actress Viola Davis can play any role — but she can't act enthused about the 28-day cleanse she recently tried. When the actress appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, she spilled the tea on a diet that left her unable to chew and unable to suck. You can imagine how well that went!

When chatting up her new action flick, Widows, Davis talked about how a makeup artist wrangled the whole cast and crew to do a communal cleanse. "We had to meditate every day, and do other stuff — and we couldn't eat," Davis said. "Well, we could eat, but we couldn't chew, and we couldn't suck."

How does that work, you might wonder? "We had to sip all of our food," Davis explained. "Because sucking and chewing was an act of aggression." Aha. So this was the peaceful way to get nutrients. "It was about completing everything, living in forgiveness, and I was like, isn't this awesome?" Well, for a time, anyway...

"We had to do it for 28 days; I lasted two days," Viola shared. And she broke her liquid diet in the most spectacular way. "I went upstairs, ate a hamburger, went to the drive-thru at the McDonald's... had a big thing of vodka with soda water, lemon."

Watch Davis recount the vodka-drenched tale, below. 

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