7 Fun Foods to Make With Matzo That You Need in Your Life This Season

7 Fun Foods to Make With Matzo That You Need in Your Life This Season

These wild ways to use matzo are pretty much why Pinterest was invented. (Pass the "machos," please!)

By Tamara Palmer

The Passover holiday brings with it the annual challenge of how to use unleavened bread, matzo (as the country's leading manufacturer Manischewitz spells it; it's also spelled matza or matzah). And how to use it again, and again, and again, and again... in creative, differentiated ways if you're keeping kosher for Passover and need options. (Or maybe if you just bought the five-pound box because it was on sale, and now what are you going to do with all this stuff?) Luckily, Pinterest offers an array of ways to use matzo that are truly refreshing and whimsical, and sure to please a crowd of all ages:

1. Truffles

Matzoh is an excellent complement to chocolate in general, but people usually dip whole pieces in it and call it a day. Here's a way to prep something a little more surprising for dessert.

2. Lasagna

Just because leavening is gone from your life this week doesn't mean you can't pretend you're eating pasta as usual. Matzoh can be used as layers for lasagna.

3. Cheesecake

Matzoh can be a secret ingredient to make a cheesecake crust. From there, you're only limited by your imagination. 

4. Grilled cheese

One of the Pinterest users who we spotted pinning matzoh grilled cheese placed it in a category called "Bible," appearing to swear by it.

5. Machos

Matzoh + nachos = machos! There probably isn't a more fun matzoh dish you could make when it comes to being able to say the name of it at serving time.

6. Mac and cheese


You don't have to wait until Passover's done for the return of the mac with this recipe.

7. Tiramisu

Who needs ladyfingers when you've got matzo... and booze? This creative Jewish-Italian remix promises to be a people pleaser.

Bonus serving idea... coasters!

What's more festive for Passover than holiday sangria served with an unleavened coaster that you can use to dip into the glass?

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