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Personalities, Quirks And Neuroses

No matter your personality, there is a match for everyone

By Destin Pfaff

Are the men of the Millionaire's Club really like they are on the show? Well, yes and no.

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The men of our club are just as different and varied as the women. We have business executives, celebrities, lawyers, judges, doctors, musicians, adventurers, you name it. Each one has his own distinct personality, quirks and neuroses. Some are egotistical when they shouldn't be. Some are shy when they shouldn't be. Some are handsome, but think they're not. Some are not so handsome, and think they are. destin_106_02_320x240.jpg

Having said all of that, we also have great, smart, aware, fit and "on it" guys.

Each one is so different in personality and looks that it's impossible to lump them all into ten descriptions, much less one. We do, however, squeeze them into one of 13 categories that best fit them. destin_106_01_320x240.jpg

The millionaires who appeared on the show had a lot of issues. A lot of our men do. Not all, but a lot. They also showed some of the randomness of our clients. I don't necessarily mean that in a bad way, it's just that they needed more help than a one hour episode could show. We had a guy with a Peter Pan complex, a guy with a Napoleon complex, a wannabe swinger, someone with one foot in the closet, a man who didn't walk his talk, someone too fast on the draw, etc, etc.

A big part of what we do requires us to be upfront with the men -- "This is what we see you doing wrong," "This is what the girls are saying you're doing wrong," "This is what you need to work on," "Look in the mirror. How can we help make you happy in love and life? There's a reason you're single." We may be curt about this. We may say it frankly and point blank, but it's only because we want to help. We want our clients to be happy, healthy and in love! There's a match out there for everyone!

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