Patti's Final Thoughts

Patti's Final Thoughts

Patti looks back at a successful second season!

I love my gays! Viva La Gay (as Rachel put it)! Kevin was GREAT! What a sweetheart – definitely my favorite. I wish there were more gays AND straights like him! Smart, hard working, good-hearted – what a catch! He was definitely a highlight of the season for me!

Bill and Heidi – MATCH! Crazy kids aren’t listening to me and are breaking the rules… but at least they got an idea of what they could have WHEN THEY LISTEN TO ME AND MY STAFF! Speaking of staff, hiring Destin’s girlfriend (OOPS! Fiancé now!), Rachel, was another huge highlight!

I love my boyfriend, I love my staff, I love my job and I love all of my fans! You all make this worthwhile!

See you soon!
Xoxoxox Patti

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