Sex Toy Dave's Return!

Sex Toy Dave's Return!

What's with that stripper pole in Dave's living room?! He explains.

Working with Patti is always an adventure. People often ask me, "Is Patti really like that or is that just an act for TV?" The answer is she is really like that. Even I wasn’t sure last year on Season 1, but when I talked to her on the phone after filming was done, she was still as abrasive as ever.

This year instead of her trying change me I thought Patti made a better effort to find me what I wanted. However, the results were not much better! The date was somewhat fun and Joanna was cute, but she was not for me.

The most common question I get from people who see my episode is why I have a stripper pole in my living room. I installed the pole because I think it is fun, a great work out, and I wanted to learn how to do moves myself! (No, I am not gay.) At my parties, no one ever starts taking clothes off when they dance on the pole. They just have fun dancing. Thus, when people say I need to get rid of the pole, all I hear is "get rid of fun." Needless to say, I don’t agree. Patti argues that girls will see the pole, think I am in love with strippers, and then not like me, but my feeling is that if any girl is that shallow, she is not for me anyways. Believe it or not, most people who meet me and see the pole love it and think it adds to my life and personality. And yes, my parents have seen it, swung on it, and think it's great too.

I did this show and worked with Patti with an open mind and truly hoped to find Ms. Right, but let’s be honest, how many TV shows are there based on people looking for love, and how many actually find it? Not many, but it is fun to watch and fun to be a part of. And like playing the lottery, you never know!

The main thing I hope people take away from watching my episode is that even though I sell sex toys, have a nickname Sextoy Dave, and live a rather exciting Hollywood lifestyle, I am still someone who can find true love. I hope people see that even though I am not traditional, my vision for a relationship is possible. And since the traditional marriage construct is not working for most of America, maybe some people will be inspired to approach relationships in a different way and get better results than we are seeing with the high divorce rate in America.

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