Part of God's Plan

Part of God's Plan

Trevor talks about meeting Patti, his date with Heidi, and more!


When I made the decision to fly to LA and be a part of The Millionaire Matchmaker I figured that it would be something that would most likely take me out of my comfort zone. I have lived in Northeast Indiana my entire life and pretty much loved every minute of it. As a fifth generation farmer (which means my great great grandpa started our family’s farming tradition) who had never been to LA, I was not sure what to expect. Surprisingly my time in LA could not have been better!

When I told everyone back home I was going to be appearing on The Millionaire Matchmaker the first thing everyone wanted to know was what Patti was like. When I got back home I loved telling everyone how highly I think of Patti. Throughout the whole process Patti was great. She is such a hard worker, extremely driven, and very good at her profession. I could sense from the beginning that Patti’s only motivation was to help me in every way possible. So I made the choice to put my trust in her, unlike many other people that I have seen on the show in episodes past. I had told Patti that I was looking for a young Christian conservative woman. I knew that being a conservative in LA was not exactly popular so I wasn’t sure what Patti would be able to find for me. Well, Patti came through in a big way with a roomful of women that seemed to be what I was looking for.

After talking to all of the women I eventually decided that Heidi was the one that I wanted to pursue. After I chose Heidi, the people at 1-800 Flowers were kind enough to allow us have our date at their flower farm. The date was great! I felt like I had made a great choice by choosing a wonderful woman like Heidi and was thankful to 1800-Flowers for providing a great setting for the date. Heidi is an awesome girl and I was excited to fly her to Indiana sometime. Unfortunately when I returned home from LA, it was hard for me to get in touch with her. I know that Heidi is a busy and successful woman which probably contributed to her lack of interest. So as of now I am still single and looking for the right person to build a relationship with. I feel like being a part of the show was all apart of God’s plan for me and my life. I had a chance to meet some wonderful people like Patti and all of her crew members and I had a chance to share my faith. Even though I am a sinner and a hypocrite like all other Christians, I feel like God wanted me to use The Millionaire Matchmaker as a platform to share his forgiving love.

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