The Search for True Love

The Search for True Love

Zagros talks about his epic mistake last season, his new eco-friendly lifestyle, and his date with Susan!


Hello you, I hope you are well and were thoroughly entertained for an hour. I’m glad I got to share this experience with you. In seeing Patti I knew she’d be really mad at me for not listening to her advice the first time. Last year, I chose Teel, who Patti and my mom thought was a HORRIBLE fit for me, purely because I was physically attracted to her. I admit it, just like I told Patti, choosing Teel was a mistake. In the time she and I spent together (literally 24 hours a day for almost a week) I really fell for her. But that changed very quickly for me when the afternoon I was leaving Los Angeles back to Dallas she asked me to give her money, credit cards, and jewelry. She said she had been out of work for several months and needed financial support. I told her ABSOLUTELY NO would I “give” her that stuff but I would help her get a great job. In that moment though, it was over for me. I would have given her the world if she hadn’t asked me for it. Another surprise for me was how vindictive she became in the end when she didn’t get her way.

With that said, like I told Patti, I have NO ONE to blame about how things ended with Teel but me. I’m the one in the wrong and no one else. The reason I feel this way is because none of this would have happened if I would have just listened to Patti from the get-go. I think why she is the best is because she has a sixth sense about things like this and if I would have just listened the first time I would have saved myself headache and heartache. A lot of things have changed in my life since the last time I saw Patti. The most shocking is I’ve become Vegan. I adopted this lifestyle initially to support a Vegan friend who thought she had cancer. It was tough in the beginning. I loved everything that now I don’t eat: ground beef kabob, chicken tenders, salmon Carpaccio, queso, ice cream, pizza, you name it. I also thought I needed those things in order to live. I was wrong. I was also oblivious to the process of how a cow becomes a burger for example. Sure I’d heard of the PETA videos but I’d never wanted to watch them because "ignorance is bliss." I recommend to anyone interested in being vegan for even a week to read what Rory Freedman and Kim Barnouin have written, It’s simple, smart, and an entertaining read.

The lifestyle change didn’t start or stop with my new diet. I also realized I had become extremely successful in my own world but really hadn’t made the rest of the world a better place. This new reality was unsettling so my goals in life had to change to come to speed with my new reality. I decided that my life’s focus would be to make our world a better place to live while continuing to grow my companies.

One of the immediate changes was my real estate company. I made it Green. Go Go Green Realty, LLC, based in Dallas, TX, is the country’s first and only Green energy real estate company. We use a portion of our commission to make our clients homes Green for FREE after closing. By helping our customers save up to 50% on their energy bill we are helping our country become just a little less fossil fuel dependent. Incidentally if every realtor would just copy what my company does we would have nearly 90% of the homes in our country Green after 10 years. Realtors, join my team. Imagine if 90% of the homes in America could save upwards of 50% on their energy bills? The math is simple. The average American household spends $1,400 per year on their energy bill. There are 114,800,000 households in America according the 2010 census. If all households saved even 20% of that($280 p/year), Americans would be $32,144,000,000 richer. What could we do with an extra $32 Billion dollars a year? Feed starving people in our own communities and around the world? Pay hard working teachers more? Cure diseases that kill our kids? You tell me! Let’s do something about it!


Of everything new, I’m most proud of my new book, Mind Your Beeswax. I lay out the key principle for succeeding in personal, political, and financial life: generosity. Mind Your Beeswax is the story of two queen bees who find themselves confronted by the same problem but use very different approaches to solve it. I share my own success secrets as I tell Queen Beatrice's story. Because of its powerful but simple message and stunning illustrations, this book appeals to leaders of any “stripe” who want to be successful as well as to children. All proceeds of my book go to benefit my charity PhilanthroGreen, a Green organization watch-dog that also educates and assists people in helping Green causes.

Because of my new lifestyle it’s important to me to have a relationship with someone who is on the same track of thinking. My main criteria for Patti this time around was to introduce me to someone who is vegan or at least vegetarian. Patti of course delivered and I was introduced to two lovely women. Immediately I knew the right one for me was Susan. Susan, is not only smart, sexy, intelligent, sweet, and vegetarian but she is also one of the funniest people I know.

Susan was a dream date. She caught the humor in even the most unfunny of my jokes (yes I know, this was most if not all of them). I had a hunch that Susan would be fun regardless of the setting so I decided instead of something flashy and high octane we take boxing lessons. As expected she was a sport and we had a blast.

The next leg of our date was a private dinner, in a penthouse suite overlooking downtown Los Angeles. Celebrity Chef Itamar is a genius and he graciously prepared the most delicious vegan meal I’ve had to date. He’s Patti’s buddy and she really hooked it up, again.


I’m so grateful that Susan is in my life For introducing Susan to me, first and foremost I am grateful to Destin Jude Pfaff. Destin, you saw that I made a poor choice in choosing Teel. You didn’t lampoon me for it and knew I am a good person who made a bad choice. If it wasn’t for you, Patti would have never given me another chance. Thanks again bro.

And then there’s Patti Stanger. Patti had every single right to be mad at me. If a patient doesn’t listen to a doctor’s advice and dies, people rarely say the patient is to blame. Instead they crucify the doctor. Patti is a relationship doctor. Doc, you’re amazing, and thanks again for bringing Susan into my life. Nurse Chelsea and Nurse Rachel, thank you too!

Thanks for letting me spend an hour in your living room. I want to stay in touch with each and every one of you. Please follow my blog updates at and look for me on facebook If you have something you want to get off your chest, check out my newest website I love you guys!!!

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