S3 - E12

Greg and Zagros

Patti meets her newest client, Greg Knoll, a 47-year-old mortgage broker and self-made millionaire who, after two engagements, hasn’t been able to make it to the altar. Our runaway groom is looking to finally meet “the one” and settle down. Patti is not happy to hear her other millionaire is none other than returning client Zagros Bigvand. Last season, this Kurdish playboy notoriously broke Patti’s rules and slept with his date, creating such a scandal that he was booted from the club. Now one year later and one year older at 31, the rogue Kurd claims to be a reformed man looking to finally find a wife. Patti meets with Zagros and reluctantly agrees to give him a second chance. Patti decides to do something other than the traditional mixer for her two millionaire playboy clients and handpick two women for them. Both men will have a chance to talk to each woman briefly then must pick one for a “first date,” an informal date with appetizers and drinks. Afterwards, he can pick his first date or the other woman for his master date.

Aired: 04/13/2010
TV-14 |