Jimmy D and Mateo

Jimmy D and Mateo

Season 3 |
Aired: March 2, 2010

Patti is nervous to hear she has another returning millionaire this week. Jimmy D is flying in from Las Vegas and is going to give Patti another crack at fixing him up. Jimmy D swears he’s changed after a near-death experience forced him to reassess his life. No longer a party boy, he’s ready to make finding love his top priority. Patti decides she’s willing to take a risk and see if this bad boy has reformed. Her other client is Mateo Stasior, a Microsoft millionaire who comes to her with a laundry list of qualities he needs in his future wife. Patti fears he’ll never find a woman with such rigid, overwhelming demands. She weeds through the list and realizes that finding a Christian woman is the most important criteria. If she can get Mateo to let the list go and follow his heart, this lovable millionaire has a chance at finding the real deal.

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