S3 - E7

Tevor and Tricia

Patti has her hands full this week. Chelsea reveals her millionaire is Tricia Cruz, a free-spirited 38 year-old divorcee who is thinking about switching teams and dating women. Patti questions if Tricia is really interested in women or just bitter about her ex-husband cheating on her right in front of her eyes. Destin won’t even show Patti his millionaire’s DVD as he’s afraid of her response to this mid-western’s conservative views. He calmly tries to nudge Patti into helping out this 26-year-old farmer from Indiana who’s very sheltered. Patti immediately judges Trevor Shively as a narrow-minded bigot and resists helping him. Destin finally convinces Patti to meet him in person, and see what he’s really like. This recruiting session is unlike any Patti and her team has ever held, as they find gay women and hot, rugged men for Tricia, and pageant Christian beauties for Trevor. It’s hard to keep track of who’s for who and just what’s going on!

Aired: 03/09/2010
TV-14 |