My Cinderella World

My Cinderella World

Cindy loved her experience on the show and remains close with Mike. 

Working as a romance novel cover model for years, I grew up in a world of fantasy but never found my own real life hero. Though I had come close many times, I felt like I was meeting more frogs than princes. In fact, when I was first offered the chance to do "The Millionaire Matchmaker," I declined. I had given up! But, after some encouragement from my wonderful friends and family, I finally agreed, and I'm so happy I did. 

Though I was terrified of Patti and her intimidating reputation before I met her, I ended up finding her to be so funny and sweet and the whole experience to be so, so fun. I loved how she thought I was totally BH (Beverly Hills)! She was so funny and would laugh about my Cinderella word. I really enjoyed working with her, and who can be upset about meeting a room full of charming men!

Though there were plenty of handsome and amazing guys at the mixer, the man I chose, Michael, was really just too amazing to pass up. I noticed him the second I walked into the room. It was actually difficult for me to choose a second date from the group! It was his eyes and his general demeanor. He just seemed so comfortable in his own skin and that's how he was on our amazing fairy tale date too. We had a ton of fun (even though it was so hot out!). We have stayed close friends and go out frequently to my restaurant Wine and Roses and are even thinking about going into business together. We haven't become serious, but he's really great and who knows what the future may hold.

Overall, I really enjoyed my experience and I'm hoping that I won't want to leave the country because of embaressment after seeing the episode. The process taught me that there are a lot more guys out there than I realized and that I shouldn't give up. I always thought there weren't many good men out there, but there really are and this whole thing taught me to get out there a little bit more. I had such a great time, ended up with a great friend, and I'm so happy I did it. I loved it so much that I now I would love to do a Cindy-land show! 

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