The Moon Doggie and the Princess

The Moon Doggie and the Princess

Rachel fell in love with the millionaires this week and found them to be a breath of fresh air. 


This week was a very special one as Destin and I had a party to plan for a certain baby boy turning one year old. That's right, our son Sin Halo got the party of a lifetime in Manhattan for his first birthday! It was such a tough decision on where to have it ... NOT! Where else would you want to have a toddler birthday party but Dylan's Candy Bar! It was like being in Willy Wonka's palace! My sweet friend Mendy, owner of Cakes by the Pound, made his amazing cake and even Muno and Brobie from Yo Gabba Gabba stopped by. It was truly magical, and I will never forget it.

Back to business as usual, nothing says New York like a beach bum and a romance cover girl right? What a bizarre combination we had this week. Destin's client was PJ, a middle aged, good looking, beach bum, who lived on an island in the middle of nowhere. When he walked in to our office in shorts and flip flops, I knew we needed to bring out the big guns and turn this surfer boy into a sharp dressed man. My client on the other hand was right off the cover of the latest Harlequin. Cindy Guyer is the stunning women you see on every romance novel. Let me tell you, she is as pretty as she looks and has a personality that makes every Disney princess look like Disney villains. In case you haven't guessed, I truly loved our millionaires this week. 

The casting session went very well as we needed a bunch of Prince Charmings or (I can't believe I'm saying this) Fabios for Princess Cindy. Sure enough we found many of them, some old and distinguished and a few young "princes in training." As for PJ we needed to find him women closer to his age that were laid back but not too laid back. I imagined it was going to be tough to find an easy going beach gal in the city that doesn't sleep. Well again we scored and found the perfect girls for him, including Patti's close friend Amy.

The mixer was a smashing success! The guys and dolls all looked great and wowzers ... so did our millionaires! Cindy looked like she should have been riding in on a horse and PJ, after Destin's make over, looked STUNNING! Cindy chose Mike and Eric, two great guys for her, and PJ chose Amy, Patti's girl, and Ruth. The best part of these mini dates had to be how cute and nervous Mike was. He reminded me of a 16 year old boy on his first date! For their master dates Cindy chose "Shy Boy Mike" and PJ chose "Patti's Pony Amy." Well done kids!

Really I have nothing negative to say on these dates. They were both romantic and sweet and the conversation flowed. Okay I lied, Cindy talking about wanting to do a spread in Playboy and her ex is not good conversation for a first date. PJ's downfall was going wakeboarding for a first date, not very romantic. All in all the kisses on the beach and the string trio in the park ... bellissimo! I have to say this was such a nice change of pace from what came before and what lies ahead... 


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