Destin Pfaff

Destin explains why his millionaire was such an easy sell.

on Jan 10, 2013

My guy, however, the winner -- Daniel Negreanu -- is the real deal. Sweet guy. Self-depreciating, funny, listens, and genuinely has a good heart.  Couple that with being a world famous poker player… easy sell! And he was! All the girls wanted him. Ultimately he chose wisely and picked Lindsay, the cutest and most genuine of the bunch. He took her out on a great date and they’re still seeing each other!  It’s just a matter of time before they start dealing out little babies! Dealing, get it? Humor.

It’s good to be back in the saddle again.  I’ve got my gorgeous wife by my side, a boss that I work WITH and not for (that’s my best pal), a healthy and handsome son, a hit movie on Blu-ray Feb 19th called Sushi Girl, a jewelry and clothing line debuting with Rachel (DnR Brands), and I’m not only surrounded by beautiful women on a regular basis, but well-off guys that come to me for help (and pray they could have it half as good as me).