Ep 9: The NFL Kicker and the Workaholic

Ep 9: The NFL Kicker and the Workaholic

Season 6 |
Aired: March 12, 2013

Patti is ecstatic when she finds out her first client is retired NFL punter, Mitch Berger. Patti loves setting up professional athletes and Mitch is perfect, he’s hunky, sweet, and ready for marriage. The only problem is, being on the road for 25 years with teams, he’s never really grown up. Patti brings in ex-NBA star John Salley to advise Mitch in all things, including how to snare a sporty wife! Patti’s second client is artwalk and event planner Joe Moller. A bit of a workaholic, Joe grew up poor and made his money the old-fashioned way -- pure hard work. But can Patti get him to slow down and put away the cocky attitude long enough to attract a girl and keep her?

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